PEITHO / Examina Antiqua

PEITHO / Examina Antiqua is an international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to investigation of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine thought. Established in 2010, the journal is published by the Institute of Philosophy at Adam Mickiewcz University in Poland.

PEITHO publishes original research articles, discussions, and reviews in the fields of ancient philosophy, science, literature, history and language. The languages of publication are English, French, German, Italian, Latin and Polish.

The decision to establish an international scholarly journal for the study of ancient thought and its reception has been prompted by the desire to establish a common ground for a fruitful exchange of views between various Hellenists and to stimulate the debate on the ancient roots of our continent.

Evidently, Greek philosophy is one of the strongest foundations of European cultural identity. Consequently, the journal aims to show this immense intellectual heritage. While PEITHO focuses on revealing the ancient sources of ideas that are fundamental to modern Europe, the credo of the journal is that without understanding the origins of these ideas it is virtually impossible to understand our continent in its present shape.

In nuce, PEITHO concentrates on studying Greek philosophy, literature, history and language, in accord with the poet’s famous counsel:

vos exemplaria Graeca
nocturna versate manu, versate diurna



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